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All of the animals came out to this year's Electric Zoo Festival over Labor Day weekend in New York City to see an amazing lineup of dance music artists. David Guetta, Nicky Romero, Dada Life, Laidback Luke, Armin van Buuren, Zedd, Benny Benassi, and more all provided the soundtrack to what was an amazing weekend (despite the third day of the festival getting cut short due to rain).

We got the chance to catch up with some of your favorite DJs during Electric Zoo, and asked them all a very important question: What is your Spirit Animal (and why)? Some of these artists got very creative and artistic with the answers! Check it out below:

Zedd tells iHeartRadio about his recent collab with Ariana Grande "Break Free" and what it was like to work with her:

"It was great because I originally wanted to, or I wanted my mangers to, reach out to her because we played a show together and I really love her voice. So I kind of told my managers, you know, when the right time is there and if you have the right contact you should reach out to her and we should consider her as a singer for me. And then from her side they actually reached out to me completely without knowing. It was a coincidence yeah they asked me basically if I would be willing to work with her on this song I had been working on with Max Martin which was 'Break Free,' which was perfect for me because I got to work with someone I really wanted to work with."

Zedd also told us about his meeting Grumpy Cat!:

"We’re friends. It was great. We're good friends. Cat was grumpy as f*** but it was really cool to meet [her]. First row seat too!"


Known for his "Super You & Me" events, we asked Laidback Luke who his favorite superhero is:

"I’m torn between Spider-Man and Wolverine. I love both. I do see myself kind of like a Spider-Man that’s lean and strong but a geek as well. Shy guy. And then I love the temper of Wolverine. The animal instinct."

On what's next, Luke tells iHeartRadio:

"Next up I thought it would be my collaboration with Chocolate Puma called 'Snap That Neck' but we’re kind of in the process of clearing a sample and so I think the next one out might be a new one with Project 46 called 'Memories.'"

W&W told iHeartRadio about their most memorable performances of the summer:

"It’s so hard because every couple of weeks we have one that we think is really, really good. If you have 20 gigs a month, it’s really hard to remember. We did EDC which was really good. We did Tomorrowland it was really good. EZoo was good of course. Ultra in Korea was amazing. Guaba. That’s a club in Cyprus. It had maybe 3,000 people it was crazy. It’s like a jungle in there. It’s very small it’s on the beach but the vibe there is something really, really special.

The guys' favorite songs of the moment are:

"We play the new Martin Garrix and MOTi song called 'Virus.' [Also] DubVision 'Backlash' a lot. We’ve got a few tracks with Headhunterz, two new tracks that we play every set. They work really well."

Willem and Ward also tell us what's next:

Ward: We have two tracks with Headhunterz I guess cross-over, hard style, big room house, trance, everything. We have a new song with Fatman Scoop and Hardwell that’s coming out as well and a lot more stuff. We made a lot of bootlegs for our own sets and we’ll see what we do with those.


Dyro tells iHeartRadio about his most memorable performance of the summer:

"I think Tomorrowland main stage that was definitely a goal for me. To be able to do that was definitely most memorable."

And he says his favorite song of the moment is Milo and Otis' remix of "Recess."

What's next for Dyro? He tells iHeartRadio:

"We just started the new label called WOLV, [the] first release also called 'WOLV.' Did pretty well so we have a second release coming up the 22nd of September and basically we’re full until December with songs by me and songs by other people so that’s really exciting for me to have my own label going on. I’m working on a collaboration with Bassjackers which also is going to be released on the label and it’s kind of the follow up of [the track] we did last year in February. We are doing a really big tour…bus tour in North America around that, so I think that’s going to be one and a half months of touring."


Arty tells iHeartRadio what he's working on at the moment. Hint: Album!

"An album. And the singles for the album. Well my first single for the album, 'Up All Night,' just came out in beginning of July and now we have remixes coming out in September 9th with official radio too and after, I have a remix for One Republic I just made it’s coming out in September on Interscope as well. The second single for the album and after might consider doing a third single too. And the album is actually coming out next month so pretty excited about that!"

Being that Martin Garrix is Moti's spirit animal, we asked him what it was like working with him:

"Oh yeah, that’s amazing. I know Martin for some time now I think maybe 3-4 years before he really started playing, before 'Animals' and everything. He’s a great kid. He was back then. I was working with a friend of mine, he’s my next door neighbor, and Martin came by I think once a week. He came by the studio to just hang out with us. And Martin, when he first came in, he was this 15-year-old kid and he came in and he was telling me what to do and I was like 'what the f*** are you telling me dude you're 15 years old, you’re not gonna tell me how I need to make music.' After a while I realized he has amazing talent and now we have a collab, and that’s great."

Moti didn't exactly tell us what his favorite song of the moment is, but he did tell us who one of his favorite bands of the moment is:

"I really like the band Strange Talk. They make amazing music. They’re really good. I’m talking with them. Maybe we’re going to do something. I love their music, so I hope so!"

The rest of 2014 for Moti is going to go something like this:

"A lot of releases. We’re focusing or I’m focusing really on the releases. I’ve got a release in September scheduled with my next door neighbor on Musical Freedom. Then in October, I’ve got a release with Martin Garrix on Spinnin’ Records. After I’ve got a solo release on Musical Freedom again, and I think the month after I’ve got a release with Dzeko and Torres on Doorn records. And 2015 I think we have releases until maybe March or July or something like that. Yeah it’s a lot of releases."

Cosmic Gate told iHeartRadio about their recent bus tour:

"We were actually just talking about that before. Basically every show had something special. It was the first time we ever went on a bus tour, so this was very, very special to us. The amount of shows, the amount of good shows that hold good feeling on the bus together after the show to just hang out and talk about things. So the whole thing was very, very special to us and very successful and just a great time."

The duo also revealed their favorite songs of the moment:

"Bossi: Still for me it’s like a deep house kind of sound. David August 'Epikur.'"

Nic: That could easily be the answer for both of us. But also the one that we had that we played at the last show. Djon Maya Mai, 'Synapson.'"

Find out what's next for Bossi & Nic:

"Touring. We’re still touring of course the 'Start to Feel' tour, and then we’re going to release two - at least two more singles for the album. Remixes. We’re really excited for that. We’re working on that right now and doing remixes. Maybe doing our own club mix. For one we know we do our own club mix because we started that. It’s kind of almost done even."


BT tells iHeartRadio why Birds of Prey really are his Spirit Animal:

"I was telling this story to a guy that worked for me, who’s a really good friend of mine still. Worked for me for ages when I lived in Los Angeles and I was telling him I have this really strange thing with Hawks and Eagles, all of these birds. I’ll see them at these very important moments in my life where they’re not supposed to be. Literally in the middle of a city. It’ll come and land on a lamp post right where I am. So I’m telling him the story about this and we’re in the car we’re driving we’re on the 405 freeway which you may know in Los Angeles… 405 south and I’m telling him it. He’s in the passenger’s seat, I’m driving. He’s looking at me and he looks terrified and I’m like, 'Mike, what’s wrong?' And he literally can’t speak and I’m like, 'Bro what’s wrong?' And he’s like, 'Turn around…'  And I look like this - hand to God this is a true story I wish Mike was sitting here to verify this story. In between, on the 405 freeway, in between my car and the next lane, at eye level is flying a massive Red Tailed Hawk. With its wings out. And I’m like,'Oh My God.' So I actually believe I really do have a spirit animal. It’s like a crazy thing. People will see them when I’m around. It’s a real thing."

On his most memorable performance of the summer in China:

"I’ll tell you Macao in China was amazing this summer. Really great. I was at the Hard Rock and Macao is like China’s version of Vegas and I got there not knowing what to expect and the performance area was set up in the middle of the pool, it was just crazy. And in the middle of it they would say in Cantanese or Mandarin I’m not sure I don’t speak Chinese but they get on the thing (loudspeaker) they turn the music down and I’m like what’s happening? The first time they turn the music down and they’re like tornado… what’s it called? Typhoon alert. Get out of the pool. And then the music would fade back up and everybody’s like *screaming* AHHH!"

What's up next for BT? Check it out:

"I just finished a movie with Anthony Hopkins called Solace that’s a terrifying thriller. It’s a great movie and I’m really excited about that. I worked on it for like eight months. I think before Christmas [it comes out]. I’m working on a ton of collaborations right now. Working on some new music software and we’re working on a big thing for Miami this year in March AND probably the biggest thing is a band that I started.

I started a band with a friend of mine two years ago called All Hail the Silence. My friend Christian Burns that sings on Tiesto’s records and Armin van Buuren’s records and a bunch of guys, him and I have become friends over the last five to seven years and we started writing music together. The songs we were writing sounded like - we’re both‘80s kids and so we grew up listening to new wave he’s English he’s from Manchester, so he grew up where my favorite bands - New Order, Cabaret Voltaire, all the Factory Records stuff, where all that stuff’s from. So we love all the same early electronic music. And we started writing this stuff and we’re like“this doesn’t sound anything like anything now.” There’s a guy that I’ve known for ages that was a synth tech at a local store when I was growing up. He’s collected over the last 30 years probably four of five million dollars worth of vintage instruments. They’re in a brownstone walk up in Baltimore. No one knows they’re there in his basement. Set up and working. We recorded seventeen songs in his basement. We had to beg him to record there. And we did it without a computer. We recorded like my heroes did, like Depeche Mode and Human League and Yaz and all these guys did in the ‘80s. And we made an album. One of my absolute heroes of all time Vince Clarke of Depeche Mode, Yaz, and Erasure fame heard it and asked us to go on tour as a support act [at] the end of September. We’re going out with them. I’m fanboy freaking out about it so we’re really excited about that."


Le Castle Vania tells iHeartRadio about ringing in the new year with Deadmau5 the last time he was in New York:

"Actually last time I was in New York I rang in New Years with Deadmau5 so that was very memorable. It was kind of a last minute thing. I’ve released some music on his label so he invited me last minute to perform here in New York and that was a really awesome experience."

The producer/DJ just kicked off his tour with FeedMe, so we asked if his dog was coming along for the ride:

"No unfortunately. Well, maybe I could have I didn’t ask or push for it. You know who does bring their dog? Rusko. Rusko brings his dog on the tour bus. A few years ago there was a tour called Identity Festival and he was on that tour I remember him having his dog on the bus."

What's up next for Le Castle Vania? Check it out:

"Oh, so much! I just did my first scoring for a movie. It’s coming out in October, it’s called John Wick starring Keanu Reeves. It’s kind of like an action, revenge, shoot em’ up, fast-paced action the whole time. I wrote a bunch of original music for that movie which is really cool. Something I’ve always wanted to do. So that’s coming out in October. I just released a new EP called Feels Like Fire [and] just started working on the next EP for Le Castle Vania. But I also produced a little side project that I’m calling Trade Secrets which is a project that I did with a friend of mine, Blake Miller, who's a singer for a band called Moving Units. It’s kind of like an Indie ... they’re one of those Coachella type bands. I’m just trying to keep writing music, creating new stuff."

Gladiator tells us what their most memorable show of the summer was for them:

"It was EDC. Yeah EDC LV. A little thing before that is that two years ago before that in 2012 we won the discovery competition and we were one of the people who got to play EDC and then two years later we got the booking and that was the nice…that was like OKAY! You guys did it! More than it just being a huge show and an amazing stage and how thankful we are to Insomniac it was just like, it was a nice kind of you know…self affirming moment. Heavily. So that was probably it, no offense. This was second."

The duo also gave us their favorite songs of the moment:

"Ian: 'Rather Be' by Clean Bandit is amazing. 'Rude' by Magic is just AHHHH. Game changing banger. G.T.A. Remix by 'Ease My Mind.' 'I Want U' Alison Wonderland (GANZ remix)

Dan: 'Money Trees' by Kendrick Lamar. That's just always on in my car pretty much 90% of the time. 'Space Oddity' has been on replay a lot lately. I just saw that movie Walter Mitty, and there’s just a great scene with 'Space Oddity' in it and it’s one of those things where it brings it back into your memory it’s like UH. One of my favorites right now. 'Talkie Walkie' by Air. Banger."

Check out more photos from Electric Zoo below:

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