Photo: Getty Images

By Sierra Marquina

David Beckham phoned in to On Air with Ryan Seacrest to talk about his latest endeavor – becoming the owner of Miami’s new Major League Soccer team!

The former pro player shares he chose the South Florida city “because A) I love America. Obviously, we lived there for a quite a few years and got welcomed with open arms … by everyone … and that was an amazing honor. But when I came to the Galaxy quite a few years ago in 2003, I committed to the team. I committed to the league. And I always said once I finished playing, my dream was to become an owner of a team in the U.S. I believe in the sport in this country.”

Although this is an exciting time for David, he goes on to say there are many things that need to “conclude” ahead of him … one being when the players will start actually begin competing.

“That’s obviously a difficult question,” David admits. “Because we have many things to conclude. Obviously, the stadium – the site of the stadium – we are working very hard with the mayor and the commissioners to get the right site. He promised us we will be downtown … but we want to create something like downtown L.A. … there’s a lot of things to happen before we even think about before the first game.”

As for the soccer team he has at home with wife Victoria Beckham – sons Brooklyn, Romeo, and Cruz and daughter Harper – David says he does think they have his athletic genes.

“They love playing the game. They really enjoy playing. They play at school, they play at home, they play in the house, which Victoria doesn’t like at times … and to be honest, last time we were in L.A. our little daughter [Harper], who is two-and-a-half, we took her to soccer practice and … she seemed to have the same genes!”

The other gene his kids carry on is his good looks! When asked which of his sons will be the lady-killer, David laughs: “I think they’re all going to be!”

“They’re all good-looking boys,” he goes on to say. “They’re all polite. They’ve all got great manners. They’re all very fun-loving, so I think they’re all going to be lady-killers.”

When it comes to his own lady, wife Victoria, David admits she might be lonely this Valentine’s Day.

“I’ve made my plans, but unfortunately I’m actually not with Victoria on Valentine’s Day,” he says. “I’ll actually be in the Philippines. I’m going over there with UNICEF to visit different sites … but we’ll make sure we will celebrate it before or after.”

Hey, we’d take David as our Valentine on any day of the year!