Photo: Instagram

By Sierra Marquina

After Justin Bieber posted a video of him and Selena Gomez dancing together — which he later took down — rumors surfaced the on-again, off-again couple were going to be hitting the road together on tour.

But according to E! News’ Ken Baker, “people are blowing it all out of proportion.”

Ken phoned in to On Air with Ryan Seacrest and set the record straight. “They’re not going out on tour together. They weren’t rehearsing something that they’re going to perform together. They were simply having fun.”

As for if the couple are officially back together, that’s a different story.

“She’s back in LA now … Justin’s left LA,” explains Ken. “He’s not coming back … I personally feel like this isn’t going to be a long-term thing. I think breaking up is hard to do. Selena has said basically he was her first love and I think she’s having a hard time making that break.”

Also, Ken adds, “a lot of people in her inner circle don’t want her with him.”