Photo: Getty Images

By Sierra Marquina

Kid Ink phoned in to On Air with Ryan Seacrest to talk about his hit “Show Me,” featuring Chris Brown and his sudden rise to fame.

The 27-year-old rapper is making waves in the music world right now and reminisces with Ryan about when he first knew he was destined to be an artist.

“I think I picked up the music dream like around 15, 16 … I knew that I was into [the arts] and music and piano when my mom introduced me to that early and singing a little bit … but I didn’t really know up until I turned about 19 and I made a decision to become a producer and musician overall.”

And it was the right decision to make as the Los Angeles native is now collaborating with the likes of Chris Brown. Ink reveals that he got together with the “Yeah 3X” singer through simply reaching out to him.

“Really it was the blessing of social networking,” he says. “It was me really me reaching out on direct messaging. I said I was finishing the album, ‘Do you want to come check anything out?’ And I had just moved at the time that was close to where he stays, so it wasn’t a struggle to be like, ‘Let’s go down the street to the studio and record and listen to some records.’”

“And he came through,” Ink continues. “I played him about three different records, ‘Show Me’ being the first one, and I knew that was a record that was really special to me at the time, but it was still missing a little something. [He] went in the booth and gave it all the energy it needed at that time and it was like, ‘Yeah, that’s the one. We got it!’ But I didn’t tell him that’s the one,” he laughs, “so we could keep going and we did about three records that night.”

Despite having hit tracks and collaborating with artists like Chris, Ink doesn’t let it all go to his head. In fact, the Fairfax High School alum even gave a “shout out to all my Lions.”

In fact, he stops by his old school often. “Last time I walked through there, there was a lot of love and I’m still in the same area, so I still drive by the school all the time and I actually drove through the parking lot the other day in my new car … I remember pulling through the same parking lot in my old bucket and now I’m pulling through in my Panamera. I’m feeling pretty food about it.”

Download Kid Ink‘s album My Own Lane on iTunes here.