By Sierra Marquina

KTLA-TV‘s Chris Schauble had probably the best reaction to the 4.4-magnitude earthquake that hit Los Angeles on Monday morning.

The anchor, who quickly became an Internet sensation, phoned in to On Air with Ryan Seacrest on Tuesday to talk about the moment and it going viral.

As for his duck-and-cover move during a live broadcast alongside co-host Megan Henderson, Chris says he was just following protocol in the event of a quake.

“For me, you can tell it’s real life and I thought there was danger, so I acted accordingly, but I’m laughing as hard as anybody. In fact, those first couple of frames where my eyes are bugging out, that’s now my official Twitter profile picture.”

Chris goes on to say he reacted quicker than his co-host because he wasn’t reading and had “a better awareness of what’s going on … All I can tell you is she was being a great pro and she was continuing to read and perhaps you’ve noticed I’m a little more high strung at times,” he adds with a laugh.

The anchor goes on to point out there was another star of the video clip that’s now gone viral that we may have missed at first.

“What else is funny, when you look at the video, Henry DiCarlo, our weather guy, his chair is spinning because he bolted.”