Photo: Getty Images

By Sierra Marquina

Sarah Jessica Parker is officially letting the world step into her shoes!

The actress has teamed up with Manolo Blahnik Chief Executive George Malkemus for her Nordstrom line, SJP Collection, and reveals to On Air with Ryan Seacrest: “We have 25 beautiful, single sole, color as a neutral, made in Italy” shoes available.

SJP, who is best known for playing shoe-loving Carrie Bradshaw on Sex and the City, shares that she’s always had a love of fashion, but it was her iconic character who propelled her into the fashion world.

“I grew up with a mother who had great appreciation for beautiful things. We could afford almost nothing, but she was very industrious and clever. We were always like the poorest family in the nicest neighborhood and we would go to church tag sales and buy things for like a dollar, so we had really lovely things, but they didn’t come to us in the typical way,” the actress explains.

She adds that her mother’s appreciation for the nicer things in life rubbed off on her. “I’ve always loved fashion and appreciated fine things,” SJP admits, “but being part of [Sex and the City] and playing that particular character for so long, your dreams get bigger and occasionally you’re able to touch and feel and smell and wear these extraordinary things. And in the process, if you’re a curious person, you learn a huge amount about the world of fashion.”

“It was an unexpected education that I experienced and a thrill and certainly I learned an enormous amount about shoes,” she adds.

And considering Sex and the City helped to inspire her shoe line, does she ever think Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte, and Samantha will reunite for a third movie?

“I mean theoretically when I’m pressed to answer this question, which is happening with some frequency, I [say] of course, but it’s not something we’ve discussed or secretly meet about.”

SJP adds that SATC Executive Producer “Michael Patrick [King] and I know what that last chapter might be, but when and if it’s told remains a perfectly fine mystery. Sure I’m hoping, but I’m sort of in this vague purgatory in answering this question.”

Here’s to hoping! Take a look at Sarah’s shoe line at Nordstrom here.