Photos: Instagram

By Monica Mendoza

Alright, it’s happened. Let’s all just take a moment before totally freaking out and stalking back to the beginning.

Zayn Malik, one-fifth of British boy band One Direction finally changed his personal Instagram (@niazkilam) from private to public on Tuesday (he also has @ZaynMalik).

In other words, he is giving us the behind-the-scenes peek we’ve been kept out of since his first post back in August 2012.

Let’s celebrate this occasion! Here are the 10 most surprising photos you didn’t know existed until now:

1. First things first: What's on his finger?!

2. He's down for just "Chillin" outdoors.

3. He's just being Miley...

4. Forget nerd day in high school, this is all we need. #needhelpwithyourhomework?

5. He can post throwbacks just like the rest of us.

6. Now we know that he likes pizza ... like a lot.

7. He's a true 90's kid.

8. He can definitely rock the bed head look.

9. And he has a cat named Tiger. Who would have thought someone could beat Taylor Swift at cute cat selfies???

10. Oh, and lastly ... you're welcome.

By the way, One Direction's latest single "You & I" is moving up the charts...check out the full AT40 Chart and Hot AC Chart!