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We can’t wait for Ed’s new album especially since we’re hearing all the people he’s teaming up with, first he did “sing” with Pharrell and now we’re hearing that he’s teamed up with The Game. The Game told

"I responded (and) we exchanged numbers (through direct message), and then we got in the studio."

He said they were planning on just doing one song together and they ended up doing 7.

"Ed came up with the idea to start working on a joint album, and we started doing it. "He was on that guitar. Acoustically, he's a genius, man, so when he does that, what comes out of me is songs like (The Game hits) Dreams and Hate It or Love It and My Life. The songs that we got, they're real songs. And I can't wait for people to hear 'em."

Did you see Ed Sheeran on SNL???