Horse Rescued off of Mountain

Thankfully a A group of  snow mobilers  were around to help rescue a wild horse that was stranded in the snow on a mountain in Idaho.

Valley County Sheriff's Office shared video of the daring airlift rescue taken by Ryan Miller and his friends who discovered the horse on McCall's Boulder Mountain in Valley County.

Miller and his friends brought food and water to the horse who was trapped 7700 feet up for five days due to extreme weather conditions.

The group cared for the horse until rescue crews were able to fly in a helicopter to airlift the horse from the mountain by attaching a rope to the horse's harness.

Idaho Horse Rescue expects the horse to make a full recovery and said crews managed to get to it just in time.

A white horse had been seen stranded with the brown horse police managed to rescue, but it's been confirmed the elements were too much for it to survive. 

The pilots flew over the top of them, however there was a period of time where no one was able to check on them due to weather conditions which made it impossible to fly. 

Once the rescued horse is healthy enough it will be rehabilitated and trained to be around humans by Alex Owen Horsemanship.

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