Help School on Wheels for Homeless Children

School on Wheels is trying to break the homeless cycle by giving kids an education. The program was started in Indianapolis in 2001 and provides one-on-one tutoring and tools to some of the 5,000 children in Marion County, Indiana, who are experiencing homelessness.

“We also have teens in our programs, and we want to help them get to the next level just like any other child,” explains Ieva Grundy, Program Coordinator for School on Wheels. “So they can grow up, get a good education and go to college, get a good job and have a good, resourceful life.”

The program relies on hundreds of volunteer tutors and donations and community support to purchase things like school supplies, iPads, games and books for kids in need. During the month of February, Indianapolis TV station RTV6 will match all donations to School on Wheels up to $25,000.


Source: The Indy Channel


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