Nails Purposely Placed on Trail to Impale Runners

In Sylva, North Carolina there is the 1,100-acre Pinnacle Park. popular trail that leads the Black Rock Summit. Today, the trail remains closed after a runner's foot was impaled by a nail purposely placed on a  

Since Saturday, it is reported that 40 nails were hammered into tree roots and logs that lay along or on the trail. At first responders thought the area was a small isolate area but as they explored more they found the coverage area of the nails expanded vastly. They were then charged with blowing every leaf off the trail with blowers and had to use metal detectors to find the 4 inch long galvanized nails that someone deliberately angled like spike and left sticking about an inch and half out. (hardly visible under leaf cover)   

One person was impaled and another stepped on a nail but it never made it through his shoe. It is important to note the trail is about 3 miles long and is surrounded by woods in a remote area of town. The local authorites there are taking this very seriously and evening offering a $1,000 reward to anyone with information about the case. 



Personally, one of my favorite things to do is go for walks in Poland Woods. There the leave cover literally all of the trails. It would take NOTHING to step on one of those suckers. I really hope no one get any ideas to put that in our woods. 


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