Fyre Fest Memes Set Internet Ablaze & They're THEE Best


Soooo flights to Great Exuma Island are like, $800 round-trip right now DO YOU GUYS WANNA GO?! YEAH BROOOOOO LET'S GOOOOOOOOOOO! 

Great Exuma Island

2017 was an amazing year if you're into Ja Rule jokes, which is all I really remember from the beginnings of Fyre Festival drama hitting every sh*t fan in social media existence. Once people learned the truth about what he and Billy McFarland had caused, which was a disaster only greed, complete bull sh*t and utter chaos mixed with misguided Millennials, who will believe anything every hot person that claims "influencer" as a job title on Instagram says, could cause. Ultimately resulting in hundreds of people getting stranded in the Bahamas with nowhere to safely stay, nothing to eat or drink (WATER that is, since they ordered $10 million worth of booze in preparation for the world's largest scam party and that's about all the actual planning they successfully did) and absolutely no chance of a refund from the festival throwers. Why? Because they all got thee hell off the island just in time to think they'd get away with their colossal screw up that somehow didn't kill anyone. Just their savings accounts, trust and pride were murdered on that island.


Obviously an enormous amount of posts after people watched both the Netflix and Hulu documentaries have given the internet new life, all pathetic hilarity considered. Lesson learned: Recognize obvious warning signs & don't believe everything an Instagram model says.  


In conclusion: May we never forget.... the cheese sandwich. 



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