'Joker' Cinematographer Shows How Colors Create Actual Magic


Creating magic is one of the most fascinating things a person can learn how to do. And that's just it - you CAN learn how to do it, but you must respect the craft on a much deeper level than what most of our current 'viral-verse' is on.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit A: "Hey Guysssss Let's Go Viral"


An actual pro knows to go much deeper than "Mr. Let's Go Viral" pictured above. For example, the above video is a lot.

Nerd Level: 1

Joker Cinematographer

Nerd Level: *cradles brain*

Joker Cinematographer

Nerd Level: Maximum

Joker Cinematographer

I'll admit I'm not super into that side of film, etc.

All of this is:


Most art is a "slow ramp up into insanity", just depends which side of insanity you're on.

For example. Nothing is worse than going insane from lack of meaningful creation, and/or being surrounded by people who simply don't care.

But that's just my humble opinion.


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